What is medicated toothpaste “Breathmile Clear”?

Breathmile clear word of mouth
Product name Breath Mile Clear
(Non-medicinal products)
List price 4,710 yen + shipping fee
First special price 1,280 yen
Price from the second time onwards 3,980 yen
Money-back Guarantee 90-day Full Money-back Guarantee
Medicinal active ingredient polyethylene glycol 400, zeolite
Expected effects Prevent tartar deposits
Prevention of caries development and progression
Prevention of bad breath
Tobacco tar removal
Whiten teeth
Purify the mouth
Refresh your mouth
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“Have you ever been concerned about yellowing your teeth?”
Fashion magazine Marisol surveyed 320 working women in their 40s …
What! 90% of the respondents answered that their teeth were yellow.
Yellow teeth tend to give a bad impression, such as “dirty” or “physiologically impossible”.
Good news for those who think, “It’s dangerous, maybe it’s a bad impression …”!
Breathmile Clear is a toothpaste that is gentle on your teeth but has a high color removal effect.
When you put it in your mouth, the refreshing taste of mint spreads and it is usually a delicious toothpaste, but it has been developed so that you can remove the yellowing of your teeth in two steps.
Breathmile Clear is a tooth-friendly whitening toothpaste.
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So Breath Mile Clear
Polyethylene glycol 400
Silicon dioxide
With these two types of ingredients, it removes dirt while protecting your teeth!
First, polyethylene glycol dissolves and removes stains on teeth.
Tobacco tar, which is difficult to remove yellowing, also floats strongly.
Next, silicon dioxide completely removes dirt that could not be completely removed with polyethylene glycol 400!
The yellowing is eliminated in two steps.
Moreover, silicon dioxide has the function of “remineralizing teeth”!
After removing the dirt, I coat it and repair the teeth ♪
Breathmile clear is a “quasi-drug” because it contains ingredients that remove stubborn yellowing.

What is medicated toothpaste “Breathmile Clear”?
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